The Magic of Colorado

After experiencing a lot of debilitating anxiety over the past few months, I knew I needed a change of scenery. It was so hard to be motivated and to get anything done, and I was desperate for something different. I knew I needed help.

So for four days at the end of June, I packed up a large duffel and hopped on a plane to Colorado to visit my twin brother and older brother in Boulder. I was so excited to see them, but was also quite nervous about the possibility of altitude sickness, or just not belonging there in general. Thankfully though, I had nothing to worry about after all.

My trip started off with a massage and spa day at the Hotel Julien in downtown Boulder. It was more than I could have asked for, especially for the sake of my dehydrated muscles. As you can see, I took full advantage of the jacuzzi:


My brothers then proceeded to show me around Boulder, and showcase their favorite spots. For my brother Chris, those places included a quiet tea cafe amongst the hustling downtown area, as well as an arcade bar with our favorite Star Wars game we had growing up. For my brother Gerry, he showed me a lowkey speak easy bar called License No. 1 that had the best aperol spritzes I’ve had in the States for a while. When I wasn’t exploring the downtown area, I was nestled up on the mountain in my twin brother’s cabin while overlooking the quiet beauty that Colorado had to offer.


And of course, there was all of the nature. A few days into my stay, my twin brother took me out to the mountains. First, we visited a ranch in hope of meeting his friend Siegfried the pig. Sadly, I was unable to meet the pig, but I did encounter a beautiful colt named Justin who was obsessed with trying to unzip my jacket with his teeth!


We then proceeded to go through Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, where we started driving up the highest road in the United States. We drove above the clouds, and from there, it felt like a Chicago winter. The temperature plummeted to 33 degrees with severe wind chill, and it even started snowing! Thankfully though, with the help of Vlad the Landrover and multiple electrolyte tablets, we were able to get to the top of the mountains at 12,000 feet and take in the majestic view.

132F57C7-9D02-4613-9760-CF7852D6B22EProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Other perks of this trip included seeking out wildlife, watching old late night movies with my brothers, shopping for the perfect utility jacket, and finally, going out in downtown Boulder on my final night in town and dancing to the point of no return. Because of all of this, my mental health is in a much better place than it was. It’s amazing what traveling and being with family can do for you. I’m already making plans to come back for ski season, so don’t cry for me, Colorado. I’ll be back before you know it.


Spring Athleisure

It’s getting to be that time of year that we focus on our beach bodies for the summer, and honestly, I dread it. I always dread it, especially because society dictates that women have to look nothing less than perfect for the warm weather, with toned arms and legs, abs, you name it. However, I have been finding it fun to work out just to give my anxiety peace of mind, and there’s nothing like cute workout gear that can make you feel better about yourself hitting the gym!


I love this cropped hoodie that I found from The Colette Collection, the cutest little Chicago boutique! One of my best friends works there, so naturally, I find myself visiting and shopping there almost every week. I recommend the cropped hoodie trend as a cute way to accentuate your waist in your workout gear, and of course, this purple is to die for! I am also considering pursuing this Lyra class for a daily way to work out. Do any of you take circus classes for fun?


Lately, I’ve been finding myself dressing casually comfy for the weekends and days I have to work from home. I absolutely love this athleisure look that I put together for laid back days! I bought this Vince Camuto sweatshirt from Nordstrom, and I have had these black and white joggers for a while. I’ve been always gotten a kick out out of pairing navy with black as well! It is such an underrated color combination, and when done right, it can look super chic.

What are your favorite athleisure trends going around right now? Stay tuned for another blog post coming soon with some fresh spring looks!

That Romantic Time of Year

And just like that, it’s already almost Valentines Day again. Hi by the way, how are you? Life has been insanely busy for me, both at my styling job and in my personal life as well. I also lost it on Sunday when my Philadelphia Eagles actually won the Super Bowl!


My brother-in-law took this photo of me when the Eagles won. I hadn’t been that overcome with emotion in a while!

So while my February outfits last year were more vibrant and perky, my outfits this February have been more muted and laid back, yet sophisticated. I will actually be going on a date this weekend, so I made it a mission of mine to rent something sweet and simple from DesignerShare, and this Ralph Lauren cape did just the trick:


My advice for a laid back date look? A cape and layers. You can never go wrong with a timeless outfit like this! I also tend to wear a lot of my go-to accessories and jeans with a lot of outfits I photograph just because it’s important to show the versatility of the items you invest in. We can’t all pretend to have a million dollar wardrobe like Rachel Zoe!

So what’s another idea for a laid back date look? I recommend going extra meta by layering a sweater over a sweater dress:


I kept the colors of the knits muted in this outfit as well, and also added a floral clutch for a romantic touch! If you’re going to be walking around the city on your date, it’s important to dress in cozy layers so that you don’t freeze your toes off.

I also have one more recommendation if you happen to be going on a dressier date. Statement sleeves have been making a comeback over the past year, so why not incorporate them into an outfit for a romantic dinner as well?


An LBD never fails, but the sleeves add an extra touch of flair that your date won’t be expecting! It’s like stepping out of your comfort zone while still remaining classic and sophisticated at the same time. Oh, and for anyone who is wondering, this dress is vintage.

Well there you go! These are my three chic outfits that are totally Valentines Day worthy for whatever date you will be going on, whether it’s with friends or with a potential romantic partner. Until next time! Happy Valentines Day, and keep your chin up for these next six weeks of winter. Signing off!

Glamming Up My NYE

2018 is officially upon us. You know what this means…


Well yes, but it also means that it’s time to go out with a bang with a fabulous New Years Eve outfit! I already put my outfit together and have some recommendations for staying warm in this extreme weather based on what I ensembled:


So first of all, I recommend wearing a (faux) fur jacket. That way, you don’t freeze your tush off, and you have an excuse to look fabulous and NYE appropriate! I also recommend a dress made of a thicker material for the night out. This faux fur jacket is from Reformation and a courtesy rental from DesignerShare, and this dress is an old BCBG Max Azria dress that was handed down to me from my sister.

Lastly, make sure you wear comfortable (and reasonable) shoes and sweater tights. A lot of these tips are for people hopping from party to party, so if you are staying indoors for all of NYE, then feel free to do what you want. I just feel that it is my duty to share these tips so that nobody freezes in 10 degree weather on the walk to the bar! Quoting my favorite comedian Iliza Schlesinger, “I lost many a hot Amber to that walk.” And I don’t plan on losing another one either!

Anyway, Happy New Year peeps. Have a safe and blessed 2018… over and out!


It’s The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas Day! Can you believe that 2017 flew by so quickly? I actually put on my best Christmas sweater for the occasion:


No I’m not engaged, I just really like this ring.

So what’s on my mind? I am actually planning on being more sustainable with my clothing for the New Year. I feel that I don’t get to wear certain things that much, and I have to say that I certainly feel weird saying that when my closet is bursting with clothes! Therefore, I am making a plan to dig into my wardrobe to wear each of my items more often, and to also rent items from sites like DesignerShare so that I don’t splurge on expensive items that I will only be wearing once!


This Gucci belt and Louis Vuitton bag are available for rental on DesignerShare’s website. I also am planning on being more active on a daily basis! What’s on your agenda for the New Year?

Actually, feel free to think about that when you’re finished scarfing down your fifth Christmas cookie. I certainly hope that everyone is having a blessed and joyous day with their loved ones! Take care, and I’ll check in on you in 2018. Over and out.


Where Have I Been?

Howdy! I know, I’ve been MIA for quite a bit, but hear me out. Work has been crazier than ever due to fall fashion and, of course, the holidays right around the corner. So let’s play catch up. Guess what I was for Halloween?


Thats right, I was your favorite pop art cartoon! I’ve also been feeling much more like my extroverted self lately, and have been going out and having fun more recently. Therefore, you can only imagine the chaos that was Halloween.

So since I’ve been running around to work, meetings, and just trying to navigate life in general, I’ve had to dress the part, and that is comfy, yet warm and stylish at the same time. I thought that I would use the rest of this blog post to share with you, my readers, some ideas for easy outfits to throw on that will be comfortable, yet put together.

A blazer makes any outfit look sharper.


A trick as old as time. I was able to elevate these sneakers, AG jeans, and Commes Des Garçons top by throwing on a classic blazer. Whether you’re grocery shopping or grabbing coffee, people will not be able to take their eyes off your ensemble!

A designer item is guaranteed to pull any outfit together.


What do you do when you’re running errands on a rainy Sunday in a leather jacket and sweatshirt? You grab a chic Yves Saint Laurent clutch and carry it with you wherever you go! Shoutout to DesignerShare  for renting me this clutch, you guys are the best.

Support your favorite sports team with your best pair of heeled booties.


Oh hey, the AG jeans are back! I also can’t help but be happy for my Philadelphia Eagles and how well they’re doing. Also, the heeled booties instantly elevate this casual look and make it look like you mean business!

I hope these tips were able to help you all put together the best casual ensemble for any busy schedule. Anyway, it’s Sunday night, so it’s time to check those emails! Thanks for catching up with me, over and out.

24th Birthday, Brought To You By DesignerShare

I turned 24 on Sunday, September 17th. Happy birthday to me! Also, let me tell you… I’ve never had that many people buy me shots in one, dare I say, TWO straight weekends before. I’ve never really appreciated my Irish heritage until then.

Anyway, I’d like to give a special shoutout to  DesignerShare for the best birthday gift ever. They rented me this gorgeous Spencer Vladimir top for my birthday night out, and I couldn’t be happier!


There was also an Elmo wandering around this club in Wicker Park, but hey, that’s a typical Saturday night in Chicago.

I think my best fashion advice for birthday dressing would be to stand out! If you want to feel like a fabulous swan queen the entire night, then by all means, dress like it. DesignerShare is also the best company to rent clothing from when it comes to dressing for big events, so as I have emphasized before in my previous posts, you should totally check them out.

Happy fall, my lovelies! Don’t consume too much pumpkin spice, you hear? Over and out.

Gird Your Loins

It’s here.

Where were you on September 1st? I remember that I was in my bed, scrolling through my Instagram feed when it happened… I scrolled by a sponsored Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte post.

My eyes shot out my head, and then started to melt and wilt from my sockets when I climbed out of bed and felt the cool breeze coming through my window. The temperature? 60 degrees. It was official. Fall had arrived.

Now don’t get me wrong, fall is pretty fantastic. I mean, the fashion, the cool weather, Halloween? And most importantly, my birthday? I just feel that some people can take it too goddamn far. Don’t believe me?

 halloween vine autumn friday the 13th jason voorhees GIF

Our nation is in the midst of a crisis, don’t deny it.

Never fear, my readers! Here are some handy tips for surviving (and pleasantly enjoying) this autumn:

If you see a Starbucks, run the other way.

Yes, Starbucks is the heart of the monster. The heart is known to attract its minions (mainly my kind, 15 to 20 something year old white women) in flock to drink its pumpkin spiced potion. My solution? Visit a local coffee shop! It will not only give you a chance to explore your neighborhood, you are also in for better coffee than whatever crap Starbucks whips out on a daily basis. I have made it a personal mission of mine to avoid going to Starbucks out of desperation, and so far, it’s working. If ya girl can do it, than my God, so can you.

Frappuccino loop trippy infinite starbucks GIF

You don’t ALWAYS have to leave your phone behind when you go apple picking, but it might help sometimes.

In reference to my earlier point, Starbucks minions (sorry, I mean 15 to 20 something year old white women) tend to be one of the leading forefronts of fall activities. The other forefront, in case you’re wondering, goes by the name of Anna Wintour. Anyway, it almost seems required in this day and age to document all fall activities on your smartphone, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but can be taken too far when the activity is mainly centered around taking photos in the first place. Ladies, if you ever find yourself carving pumpkins because your girl gang wants to stage a photo opp for Instagram, than that’s probably your cue to leave your phone behind and actually indulge in the activity you’re partaking in. I am so guilty of it too, which is why this blog is as therapeutic for me as I hope it is for you.


However, if you have successfully put together an outfit with mixed patterns AND you come across an ivy wall, then you better damn well take a photo!

Don’t feel the need to conform to whatever Halloween costume(s) your friends want you to wear.

Hey, if a group costume theme or a couple costume theme is in mutual agreement, than by all means, go for it! I am merely addressing the fact that peer pressure can take the weirdest forms, and can even affect one innocent girl who wants to dress as Trinity from The Matrix for Halloween when her Starbucks minion gang wants the group to go as Bratz dolls.

Iliza text chat texting maniacal GIF

God help us, these Starbucks minions are going to kill us all…

But who am I to dictate what you should be doing this fall? Enjoy yourself! It’s sweater weather, so have fun with it. Speaking of which…


I’d like to give a special shoutout to esteemed fashion blogger Luanna for selling me this gorgeous sweater on Depop. I haven’t stopped wearing it, I’m seriously obsessed.

Happy fall, my lovelies! Over and out.

Nature Queen Beauty

I’m not going to lie, as a woman with a blog and a full time job, I feel that I am constantly running around the city of Chicago with no time to relax, or frankly, even take care of myself. I also have always put dressing myself first before makeup and hair. Priorities, right? And yes, in case you suspected, this post is about taking proper care of my hair.

I never have had loyalty to any shampoo or conditioner brand, or any kind of hair product for that matter. However, that all changed when I tried shampoo and conditioner from Nature Queen Beauty.


I have always wanted my hair to look good and turn heads, but I never considered that in order to achieve that effect, you have to find healthy products for your hair. This shampoo and conditioner was the first herbal kind that I have ever tried, and after my experience, I don’t think that I can ever go back to generic drug store brands!

 commercial GIF

Sorry Pantene…

Ever since trying these products from Nature Queen Beauty, my hair has felt softer and more lightweight. I have also noticed that my split ends aren’t as prominent because my hair just has a healthier appearance, and that’s all that matters! Don’t believe me? I took a photo a day or two after using the shampoo and conditioner for the first time, and I was totally feeling myself:


I like how sleek my hair looks as well, and overall, I just didn’t even have to try. Click here to try it for yourself and actually see it to believe it. I especially recommend this product to anyone living in a city, because there’s nothing like having clean hair after walking around in a grimy, sooty downtown atmosphere. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stare at my perfect hair in the mirror a little longer…

 mirror clueless 90210 alicia silverstone beverly hills GIF

Much love from your favorite Cher Horowitz wannabe, over and out.

All Set For A 70s Summer

As August hits us and summer is starting to wrap up, it’s important to enter the season transition with a bang. This summer had a strong 70s vibe, so I am going to share with you, my readers, some similar items and looks (all courtesy of Nordstrom) that I have rounded up to nail that laid back 70s funk look that everyone has been dying to get this summer.


Nothing screams looking more put together than a chic blouse half tucked into jeans and a cute pair of flats. I love this bottle pattern on this Equipment blouse so much that I feel like a walking happy hour every time I wear it out and about! This blouse is currently out of stock, but never fear! Click here for more eclectic Equipment selections.

I have also found more fun items to achieve that fresh 70s look for the upcoming season transition (as well as sitting under the air conditioner at work). Without further ado, shop below!

Looking for the perfect boot cut jeans? Click here.

Looking for the perfect 70s silk blouse? Click here.

Looking for the perfect striped tee? Click here.


Get out there and enjoy the rest of this funky summer! Over and out.