It’s The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas Day! Can you believe that 2017 flew by so quickly? I actually put on my best Christmas sweater for the occasion:


No I’m not engaged, I just really like this ring.

So what’s on my mind? I am actually planning on being more sustainable with my clothing for the New Year. I feel that I don’t get to wear certain things that much, and I have to say that I certainly feel weird saying that when my closet is bursting with clothes! Therefore, I am making a plan to dig into my wardrobe to wear each of my items more often, and to also rent items from sites like DesignerShare so that I don’t splurge on expensive items that I will only be wearing once!


This Gucci belt and Louis Vuitton bag are available for rental on DesignerShare’s website. I also am planning on being more active on a daily basis! What’s on your agenda for the New Year?

Actually, feel free to think about that when you’re finished scarfing down your fifth Christmas cookie. I certainly hope that everyone is having a blessed and joyous day with their loved ones! Take care, and I’ll check in on you in 2018. Over and out.


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