All Set For A 70s Summer

As August hits us and summer is starting to wrap up, it’s important to enter the season transition with a bang. This summer had a strong 70s vibe, so I am going to share with you, my readers, some similar items and looks (all courtesy of Nordstrom) that I have rounded up to nail that laid back 70s funk look that everyone has been dying to get this summer.


Nothing screams looking more put together than a chic blouse half tucked into jeans and a cute pair of flats. I love this bottle pattern on this Equipment blouse so much that I feel like a walking happy hour every time I wear it out and about! This blouse is currently out of stock, but never fear! Click here for more eclectic Equipment selections.

I have also found more fun items to achieve that fresh 70s look for the upcoming season transition (as well as sitting under the air conditioner at work). Without further ado, shop below!

Looking for the perfect boot cut jeans? Click here.

Looking for the perfect 70s silk blouse? Click here.

Looking for the perfect striped tee? Click here.


Get out there and enjoy the rest of this funky summer! Over and out.

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