That Romantic Time of Year

And just like that, it’s already almost Valentines Day again. Hi by the way, how are you? Life has been insanely busy for me, both at my styling job and in my personal life as well. I also lost it on Sunday when my Philadelphia Eagles actually won the Super Bowl!


My brother-in-law took this photo of me when the Eagles won. I hadn’t been that overcome with emotion in a while!

So while my February outfits last year were more vibrant and perky, my outfits this February have been more muted and laid back, yet sophisticated. I will actually be going on a date this weekend, so I made it a mission of mine to rent something sweet and simple from DesignerShare, and this Ralph Lauren cape did just the trick:


My advice for a laid back date look? A cape and layers. You can never go wrong with a timeless outfit like this! I also tend to wear a lot of my go-to accessories and jeans with a lot of outfits I photograph just because it’s important to show the versatility of the items you invest in. We can’t all pretend to have a million dollar wardrobe like Rachel Zoe!

So what’s another idea for a laid back date look? I recommend going extra meta by layering a sweater over a sweater dress:


I kept the colors of the knits muted in this outfit as well, and also added a floral clutch for a romantic touch! If you’re going to be walking around the city on your date, it’s important to dress in cozy layers so that you don’t freeze your toes off.

I also have one more recommendation if you happen to be going on a dressier date. Statement sleeves have been making a comeback over the past year, so why not incorporate them into an outfit for a romantic dinner as well?


An LBD never fails, but the sleeves add an extra touch of flair that your date won’t be expecting! It’s like stepping out of your comfort zone while still remaining classic and sophisticated at the same time. Oh, and for anyone who is wondering, this dress is vintage.

Well there you go! These are my three chic outfits that are totally Valentines Day worthy for whatever date you will be going on, whether it’s with friends or with a potential romantic partner. Until next time! Happy Valentines Day, and keep your chin up for these next six weeks of winter. Signing off!

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