Where Have I Been?

Howdy! I know, I’ve been MIA for quite a bit, but hear me out. Work has been crazier than ever due to fall fashion and, of course, the holidays right around the corner. So let’s play catch up. Guess what I was for Halloween?


Thats right, I was your favorite pop art cartoon! I’ve also been feeling much more like my extroverted self lately, and have been going out and having fun more recently. Therefore, you can only imagine the chaos that was Halloween.

So since I’ve been running around to work, meetings, and just trying to navigate life in general, I’ve had to dress the part, and that is comfy, yet warm and stylish at the same time. I thought that I would use the rest of this blog post to share with you, my readers, some ideas for easy outfits to throw on that will be comfortable, yet put together.

A blazer makes any outfit look sharper.


A trick as old as time. I was able to elevate these sneakers, AG jeans, and Commes Des Garçons top by throwing on a classic blazer. Whether you’re grocery shopping or grabbing coffee, people will not be able to take their eyes off your ensemble!

A designer item is guaranteed to pull any outfit together.


What do you do when you’re running errands on a rainy Sunday in a leather jacket and sweatshirt? You grab a chic Yves Saint Laurent clutch and carry it with you wherever you go! Shoutout to DesignerShare  for renting me this clutch, you guys are the best.

Support your favorite sports team with your best pair of heeled booties.


Oh hey, the AG jeans are back! I also can’t help but be happy for my Philadelphia Eagles and how well they’re doing. Also, the heeled booties instantly elevate this casual look and make it look like you mean business!

I hope these tips were able to help you all put together the best casual ensemble for any busy schedule. Anyway, it’s Sunday night, so it’s time to check those emails! Thanks for catching up with me, over and out.

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