Nature Queen Beauty

I’m not going to lie, as a woman with a blog and a full time job, I feel that I am constantly running around the city of Chicago with no time to relax, or frankly, even take care of myself. I also have always put dressing myself first before makeup and hair. Priorities, right? And yes, in case you suspected, this post is about taking proper care of my hair.

I never have had loyalty to any shampoo or conditioner brand, or any kind of hair product for that matter. However, that all changed when I tried shampoo and conditioner from Nature Queen Beauty.


I have always wanted my hair to look good and turn heads, but I never considered that in order to achieve that effect, you have to find healthy products for your hair. This shampoo and conditioner was the first herbal kind that I have ever tried, and after my experience, I don’t think that I can ever go back to generic drug store brands!

 commercial GIF

Sorry Pantene…

Ever since trying these products from Nature Queen Beauty, my hair has felt softer and more lightweight. I have also noticed that my split ends aren’t as prominent because my hair just has a healthier appearance, and that’s all that matters! Don’t believe me? I took a photo a day or two after using the shampoo and conditioner for the first time, and I was totally feeling myself:


I like how sleek my hair looks as well, and overall, I just didn’t even have to try. Click here to try it for yourself and actually see it to believe it. I especially recommend this product to anyone living in a city, because there’s nothing like having clean hair after walking around in a grimy, sooty downtown atmosphere. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stare at my perfect hair in the mirror a little longer…

 mirror clueless 90210 alicia silverstone beverly hills GIF

Much love from your favorite Cher Horowitz wannabe, over and out.

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