Born in the slums of New Jersey in 1993 (in other words, Trenton), Maddy Thiers grew up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania as the youngest of seven children, only two minutes younger than her twin brother Gerry.  She and Gerry wreaked havoc on the Thiers household as children, doing everything from embarrassing their older siblings during prom season to flushing 48 Carebear figurines down the toilet in the upstairs bathroom.  From a young age, Maddy fell in love with the city of Chicago, and, despite its Arctic temperatures, eventually decided to go to college in the Loop, majoring in Fashion Business and minoring in Acting.  So far, Maddy has had the pleasure of working with Chicago-based fashion designer Anastasia Chatzka, working with fashion expert Amy Tara Koch, and having a minor role in the feature film The View From Tall.  Other fun and interesting facts about Maddy include her love for iced coffee, the fact that she has a pointy tongue, and also the fact that she nearly suffocated her twin brother in the womb by sitting on him for a long period of time.


I came here to Chicago to pursue two of my favorite things, fashion and acting.  Since coming here, I have had a lot of experience in both fields, from being in a feature film to being a stylist and fashion blogger.  My main goal is to balance my two interests by working in fashion while acting on the side.  I’ve never had so much fun doing the things that I’m passionate about!

Gretchen Kelley Headshot 2

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