Spring Athleisure

It’s getting to be that time of year that we focus on our beach bodies for the summer, and honestly, I dread it. I always dread it, especially because society dictates that women have to look nothing less than perfect for the warm weather, with toned arms and legs, abs, you name it. However, I have been finding it fun to work out just to give my anxiety peace of mind, and there’s nothing like cute workout gear that can make you feel better about yourself hitting the gym!


I love this cropped hoodie that I found from The Colette Collection, the cutest little Chicago boutique! One of my best friends works there, so naturally, I find myself visiting and shopping there almost every week. I recommend the cropped hoodie trend as a cute way to accentuate your waist in your workout gear, and of course, this purple is to die for! I am also considering pursuing this Lyra class for a daily way to work out. Do any of you take circus classes for fun?


Lately, I’ve been finding myself dressing casually comfy for the weekends and days I have to work from home. I absolutely love this athleisure look that I put together for laid back days! I bought this Vince Camuto sweatshirt from Nordstrom, and I have had these black and white joggers for a while. I’ve been always gotten a kick out out of pairing navy with black as well! It is such an underrated color combination, and when done right, it can look super chic.

What are your favorite athleisure trends going around right now? Stay tuned for another blog post coming soon with some fresh spring looks!

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