To Break The Bank Or Not To Break The Bank?

So who had the best 4th of July outfit ever? This gal!


Not to brag (I’m totally bragging anyway), but I found this amazing Rag and Bone dress right before it was about to be boxed away at my job! I had to get my hands on it, which I promptly did after learning it had been discounted $300 from its original price.

As someone who prides themselves on getting free items and other items at a majorly good price, I will admit that there was still a tug at my heartstrings as I was handing over my credit card, even though I knew I was getting the best deal I could get for the dress. Because too be honest, that dress was a lot of money. Which leads me to openly wonder when IS the best time to splurge, and on what?

As a lover of quality and style, I always make it a rule to spend a good amount of money when I know I’m going to wear the item a lot. I didn’t think twice when I dropped money on my designer jeans because, well, I know I’m going to get a good use out of them! I knew I was going to wear the dress a lot as well, but my mind still bugged me with the question, “How often?”

I bought the dress a little after mid June, and so far, I’ve worn it three times. I even surprised myself with the use I was getting out of it! It is hanging in my closet right now because the soft knit fabric of the dress is no match for the July heat that has been kicking in. However, I am pleased with the quality, and I am glad that I kept my self made promise of splurging when I know it’s right. Now if you will all excuse me, I have a cold shower to take and a glass of sangria to sip. This heat is showing no mercy!

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