What’s This Stigma With Mirror Selfies?

I mean, what is it? From the outside looking in, mirror selfies can seem very vain and self centered. Then again, as referenced by a lot of Facebook memes, societal opinion dictates that we should feel this way about selfies in general.

However, there’s always the counter argument that features one keyword: empowerment. It does make some sort of sense though! What if you felt good about the way you looked at work one day, so you seek out a well lit mirror to document it? I recently did this at work a few days ago because I was pleased with how I styled a top my sister gave me, and frankly, it turned out way more Instagram worthy than I expected:


I would just like to propose this: can we all just admit that this practice is more than a guilty pleasure for a lot of us? It’s easy to go with the crowd and voice disdain for the practice of mirror selfies, but let’s face it, a good amount of what we’re expressing is a lie. I think we can add mirror selfies to the list of practices that people voice disdain for but actually partake in, like picking your nose and actually keeping up with what the Kardashians are doing.

While I may not post a lot of mirror selfies (and for good reason: I’m usually pretty terrible at taking them), I will say this: I can understand general outside annoyance at an Instagram profile filled with nothing but selfies, but we’re not honestly ones to talk ourselves about our own posts. I see you posted another photo of a truck, how enthralling, Craig! And wow, what mouth watering avocado toast, Kelly! If we’re going to be judging Instagram photos based purely on the quality of the content, then I give National Geographic the prize. However, until the day arrives where we have nothing but nice things to say about each other’s posts, then let’s sit back and let influencers like Sarah Snyder fill up our feed with photos of themselves.

Happy Tuesday! Over and out.

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