Lucky Charms

We all have those accessories that we wear out and about for every day of the week. Whether it’s a necklace that your parents gave you, or a pair of earrings that your significant other had gifted you that one time, a lot of us contain a certain amount of emotion and nostalgia in certain accessories that we wear almost everyday.

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I guess the best term to coin these affectionate items that we own would be lucky charms.  While not everyone may have one, it’s still quite common to see a person wearing one out and about.  For instance, one of my best friends has a ring that her mother gave her that she never takes off.  And today, I feel like sharing my lucky charm with you, my readers:


If you notice the ring on my right hand, then you’re correct in assuming that that’s my lucky charm!  That ring is my high school ring that I received junior year of high school from Nazareth Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I know plenty of my old classmates who don’t even wear theirs anymore, but for some reason, I can never take mine off.  It’s probably the fact that it’s a sense of comfort for me, that it reminds me of where I came from and the values I grew up with.  Nonetheless, I wear this ring out and about, everywhere I go, everyday.  Just ask anyone I know, and they can confirm that statement.

Are you looking for your own lucky charm?  Click here to visit Chloe and Isabel’s shopping site.  They’re my favorite jewelry retailer for a reason!

Thanks for reading, my lovelies!  With much love, over and out.

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