Hello, Maddy here!  Today, I want to tell you about an up and coming company that has so much potential and good coming their way.  So brace yourself, because I’m going to share with you why I absolutely love DesignerShare, one of the chicest Chicago based companies.


Meet Sarah Perkins, the creative mind and co founder/CEO behind DesignerShare.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at a networking event at Google Chicago, and we hit it off right away! Sarah and I had coffee a week later, and as well as discovering that this lady has a passion for fashion, as well as the current generation of Instagram models (we both agreed that Kendall had the ability to be more effortless than Kylie), I also saw how much of a fierce feminist this wonderful lady is.  We discussed the many misogynistic issues that we faced in our professional lives, and after having the chance to laugh and bond over it, I decided to learn more about DesignerShare and how it works.

So how exactly does DesignerShare operate?  To directly quote from its Facebook page,

“DesignerShare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent out their designer clothing and accessories, all while connecting with each other.”

Cool, right?  I got to see this firsthand a few days later, when the folks from DesignerShare showed up at my door to look at the items in my closet!  After playing with my cat Winifred and praising my clothing supply of Diane Von Furstenberg and Jeffrey Campbell, the girls took photos of my designer items to add to their site.  And did I mention they brought me treats??


In case I can’t sell you on this company enough, I also must add that the folks at DesignerShare are suckers for wine too.

Well, there you have it!  This company is definitely worth investing your interest in, especially because you can profit financially from the designer items that you rent from your closet.  If you need an extra push to check out DesignerShare, here’s a photo of Winifred the cat in a DesignerShare bag:


So, so cute.  All of you animal lovers out there better be satisfied!  Anyway, over and out.  It’s time to find more bags to put my cat in!

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