I Don’t Joke Around With My Pinterest Boards

Some people out in the world (probably people with no creativity whatsoever) have told me themselves that they consider Pinterest a dying art.  Do I believe them?  Certainly not.  Regardless of whatever they happen to believe, I still live in a world where I’m surrounded by artists who use Pinterest for constant motivation and ideas.  Whether it’s a stage manager researching ideas for props and set architecture, or a bride-to-be researching ideas for her big day, Pinterest has remained a stable source of inspiration for anyone who oh so desperately needs it.  And I am one of those people!

Since leaving my teen years, I have limited my profile to four Pinterest boards, my favorite two boards being a fashion board (https://www.pinterest.com/mthiers/i-love-fashion/) and an inspiration board (https://www.pinterest.com/mthiers/my-inspiration-board/).  These boards, which I have just shamelessly shared the links to, hold so many precious and motivating ideas.  Therefore, I see no problem with sharing these ideas furthermore.

I don’t know if anyone truly sees themselves in artwork anymore, so whenever I come across a striking piece of art, I try to see how I can relate to what is being portrayed.  I particularly love Dali…

Woman with a Head of Roses, Salvador Dali, 1935.:

… as well as this fine art anatomy by Nunzio Paci…


… and because I count couture as art, this fine design by Dior!

Hat couture, Dior, 2009.:

I could go on and on with my inspiration board, so I’ll just transition into how enthusiastic I am about all of the style pins I’ve been seeing lately.  There are way too many good street style pins to pass up, especially from Fashion Week!


Milan Fashion Week, street style.:



This post especially goes out to all of the people who have reached out to me, asking about my style and where I get inspiration from.  My style?  Very eclectic.  Lots of layers.  I know I tend to wander around the tomboy, girly, and bohemian realms a lot, I just can’t stick to one particular style.

I suppose that in order to end this post on a fun note, I should really emphasize how I’ve always tended to like weird outfit combinations… therefore, enjoy this photo of the Olsen twins and their Birkenstocks with socks!

Birkenstocks and socks!:

Yes, that is something I would totally wear.

… stop laughing.

On a secondary note, I hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday season!  See you in 2017!

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