Fun Layering Trick With Overalls

I decided to use the blog this week to tell you about my fun summer layering trick that works every time – well, for me at least.  Believe it or not, one of my favorite summer essentials is biking shorts.

Yep, you heard me correctly!  I thoroughly enjoy a good pair of biking shorts for almost everything in the summer.  When I have to run to the Whole Foods down the street, it’s just so easy for me to throw on a sports bra, biking shorts, and an old tank top.  I suppose you can say that it is my take on the athleisure trend, and you know what, you’d be absolutely right!

Anyway, here is one of my favorite outfits to wear with my sports bra and biking shorts:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I am wearing simple Coach sneakers with a matching set of biking shorts and a sports bra underneath my favorite pair of overalls.  I wanted to create the illusion that I had just gotten out of the gym, so I decided to throw on a cute pair of overalls over my workout gear to grab ice cream with the gang.  Or better yet, climb rocks along Lake Michigan, which was what I was actually doing the day this photo was taken!

I’m super glad to have shared this life hack with you, my readers.  Just be prepared to wash your athletic gear a lot – this summer has been a humid one!

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